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An introduction to Carrot

When teamwork gets too noisy and overwhelming, leaders struggle to communicate effectively with their teams. With Carrot, leaders rise above the noise to communicate what matters.

It’s especially tough for leaders to be heard in the age of Slack because key announcements, updates, and decisions get lost in fast-moving conversations.

Carrot makes leadership communication stand out so no one misses it, sparks more meaningful discussions, and makes sure your team is listening and looped in.

With Carrot, leaders are sure their teams are empowered with the information they need to stay focused and make better decisions.

Core features
Leadership visibility

Key communications stay visible and organized outside of noisy channels, so it’s easier for distributed teams to get caught up on their own time without worrying they missed something important in a fast-moving conversation. It’s also perfect for new employees getting up to speed quickly. With greater transparency, your team stays focused and makes better decisions.

Meaningful discussions

Carrot gives everyone the time and space they need to add reactions and thoughtful comments to a post, and then makes it easy for everyone to see as part of the original post. Better discussions provide greater insight into what your team is thinking, and give everyone more context about what’s happening.

Make sure you're being heard

Too often leaders want to be transparent, but they communicate in ways that aren’t. Slack is too noisy, and email is ignored, and above all leaders have no idea if anyone is paying attention.

When you share something important in Carrot, you’ll know who’s seen it. If people haven’t seen it, Carrot reminds them to make sure they’re looped in. That eliminates communication gaps and keeps everyone on the same page.

Communicate more effectively

With Carrot, leaders can rise above the noise to reach their teams more effectively.

  • Beautifully formatted updates, including images and video, motivate engagement
  • Video updates add fun and a human touch ‒ great for distributed teams
  • Space for medium- and long-form storytelling, e.g., Lessons Learned, Success Stories, and other stories that unify your team
  • Recurring updates that build consistent communication and build trust
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Odd & Ends
Here are a few more details about Carrot and where to find us. For a quote or to talk more about leadership communication, contact us anytime.
Other facts
  • Our team is distributed by design
  • Carrot is open source. Visit us on Github
  • Carrot has a free plan for small teams, and offers 50% off for approved nonprofits.
  • Press contact: Stuart Levinson
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