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Press kit

An introduction to Carrot

When teamwork gets too noisy and overwhelming, everyone struggles to know what matters. Teamwork suffers.

With Carrot, team communication stays organized and clear so it's easier to stay engaged and informed.

Carrot is ideal for keeping remote teams in sync. Threaded comments make it easier to stay engaged asynchronously across time zones. And each day, teams wake up to a personalized summary of what’s important.

With Carrot, teams are empowered with the information they need to stay focused and make better decisions.

Core feature

  • Space to write longer updates that convey more information to your team
  • Threaded comments make it easy for your team to stay engaged asynchronously. Ideal for remote teams.
  • Request a follow-up when you need a reply or feedback. Carrot works in the background to make sure they’ll follow up.
  • Know who saw your update with analytics
  • Recurring updates that build consistent communication and build trust
  • Each day, everyone receives a personalized summary of what’s important.
  • Slack integration, including an auto-share to the right Slack #channels.
Odds and ends
Here are a few more details about Carrot and where to find us. For a quote or to talk more about communication for remote teams, contact us anytime.
Other facts
  • Our team is distributed by design
  • Carrot is open source. Visit us on Github
  • Carrot has a 14-day free trial. After that, it’s $5 per user per month. 50% off for approved nonprofits.
  • Press contact: Stuart Levinson
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