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Lead with clarity

Carrot makes sure key leadership communication doesn't get lost in fast-moving conversations.
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Stay visible.
Key information stays organized and visible so your team can get caught up anytime without worrying they missed something in fast-moving conversations.
Spark meaningful discussions.
Reactions and comments stay together with the post to provide greater context for what’s happening and why.

Your team can join the discussion from Slack — Carrot keeps it all in sync.
Make sure you're heard.
When you post something new, you’ll always know who’s seen it. If they haven’t, Carrot reminds them for you.

Carrot AI works in the background to keep everyone on your team looped in to what matters.
Update your team in seconds.
Starting a new post is fast - with text or video - so it’s easy to create consistent communication that builds transparency and trust. Set up recurring updates, too.
Perfect for Slack teams.
New posts automatically shared to the appropriate Slack channel. Join the discussion right from Slack — Carrot keeps it all in sync.
Don’t take our word for it.
We’re helping teams like yours.
“As a busy leader it's hard to keep everyone up to date. I use Carrot to record a quick video update and it lets me know that everyone's seen it.”
“Carrot helps me share things the entire team needs to know about - instead of burying it somewhere it won’t get noticed.”
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