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Why we built Carrot!

In the age of Slack and fast-moving conversations, the lack of focus and clarity have become a huge problem in the workplace. Teams are hyper-connected throughout the day, and yet it's become even more difficult to know what matters. How can that be?

This is the question that led us to build Carrot. What we found is that important and thoughtful communication gets lost in the noise.

This “lost communication“ problem is even worse for distributed teams working in different places or time zones. Sharing important team updates, news, and decisions alongside real-time chats just increases the likelihood they will scroll by without being noticed. Plus, it’s difficult to know if anyone even hears what you’ve said.

Heavy Slack users ourselves, we wanted to design a Slack-friendly approach to transform asynchronous communication into something more useful. We wanted this “non-chat” communication to be as fun, delightful and interactive as chat; but organized in a way that made it easier for everyone to get caught up on their own time.

The result is Carrot - a personalized new feed for team updates that builds transparency, trust, and stronger teams.

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