People are hyper-connected in the moment, but still struggle to know what’s really happening across the company.
The solution is surprisingly simple and effective - great company updates that build transparency and alignment.
With that in mind we designed Carrot based on three principles:
It has to be easy or no one will play
Alignment might be essential for success, but achieving it has never been easy or fun. We’re changing that. With a simple structure and beautiful writing experience, it can’t be easier. Just say what’s going on, we’ll take care of the rest.
The “big picture” should always be visible
No one wants to look through folders and documents to understand what’s going on, or search through chat messages to find something. It should be easy to get an instant view of what’s happening across the company anytime.
Alignment is valuable beyond the team, too
Sharing beautiful updates with recruits, investors, customers and other outside stakeholders is the surest way to keep them engaged and supportive. It’s an easy way to expand your network and grow your business.
Company alignment requires real openness and transparency.

Our team

Stuart Levinson
CEO and cofounder
Prior to Carrot, Stuart started two venture-backed startups - Venetica (acquired by IBM) and TalkTo (acquired by Path). Those experiences, pre- and post-acquisitions, inspired a passion for transparency and its effect on overall alignment.
Iacopo Carraro
Iacopo is a full-stack engineer with lots of remote team and startup experience.
Sean Johnson
CTO and cofounder
As a serial startup CTO and engineer, Sean has over 20 years experience building products and startup engineering teams.
We're always looking for talented individuals. Drop us a line if you share our mission.