Growing companies struggle to keep everyone on the same page. Carrot provides the big picture that keeps them together.
Team chat gets pretty noisy,
making it easy to miss the important stuff.

Messaging apps are designed for real-time work. They’re great in the moment, but chat gets noisy and conversations disappear, making it difficult to know what you missed.

Carrot provides an easy to read view of the latest announcements, updates, and stories so you can always see what’s happening in context. A common, shared view of what’s important creates real transparency and alignment.

It also brings teams closer so they can grow together.

Carrot on!

We designed Carrot based on three core principles:
Alignment should be simple and fun.
Alignment might be essential for success, but achieving it has never been easy. We’re changing that. With a simple structure and beautiful writing experience, it can’t be easier. Just say what’s going on, we’ll take care of the rest.
The “big picture” should always be visible.
No one wants to look through folders and documents to understand what’s going on, or search through chat messages to find something. It should be easy to get an instant, bird’s-eye view of what’s happening across the company anytime.
It should be easy to keep stakeholders in the loop, too.
Sharing the latest with stakeholders shouldn’t be a chore. Just give investors, customers and others their own big picture view. It’s the surest way to keep them engaged and supportive, and an easy way to grow your business.

Our team

Stuart Levinson
Iacopo Carraro
Software Engineer
Sean Johnson
Nathan Zorn
Software Engineer
We’re always looking for talented
people to join us.
Rise above the noise
Give your team a clear view of what’s most important.