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Lead with clarity

Leaders struggle to communicate effectively with fast-growing and distributed teams. Carrot helps leaders rise above the noise to keep teams focused.
Stay in sync
Carrot reminds you when it’s time to update your team. Consistent communication builds trust and transparency.
Lower the noise level
Protect your team’s focus (and sanity). Carrot condenses noisy updates into a morning digest. Your team stays aligned with fewer interruptions.
Sent daily on Slack or email
Know who’s engaged
With Carrot, you know who saw your update. If it’s missed, Carrot works in the background to remind them for you.

See which updates create energy and engagement, and which ones aren’t getting through.
Don’t take our word for it.
We’re helping teams like yours.
“Carrot is our favorite Slack app. It's perfect for longer- form updates no one should miss.”
“Carrot helps me share things the entire team needs to know - instead of burying it somewhere it won’t get noticed.”
“Carrot is where we communicate important information when we need everyone to see it - regardless of their time zone.”
“On Carrot, my updates get noticed and get the team talking. I love that.”
“Carrot fixed our issue of email overload. We use it for important company communications, shout- outs, and announcements so they won’t get buried in everyone’s inbox. It’s been a big win for us.”
“We use Carrot when we need to make sure everyone is on the same page across all of our offices here and abroad. It helps us share BIG wins, and in a fast-growing startup keeping that family vibe its awesome.”
Company updates that rise above the noise