Better informed, less noise.

Your company digest keeps everyone aligned around what matters most.
Rise above the noise.
Say what’s important
Space to write more than a quick chat - like key updates, announcements, plans, and stories.
Read without interruptions
Stay in sync without worrying you missed something important in a fast-moving conversation.
Focused, topic-based discussion
Keep team reactions, comments and questions together in one place for better context.
Find anything fast
Get up to speed quickly with the full picture in one place. Great for distributed teams, too.
See who’s engaged
Carrot shows you who's reading what so leaders can see if their teams are aligned.
In sync with Slack
Discussions are automatically shared to the right channels. Learn more
Don’t take our word for it
Here’s how we’re helping teams like yours.
We love Slack for spontaneous stuff, but when it’s time to post key updates that can’t be missed, Carrot is awesome.
Carrot makes sure our crucial updates aren’t drowned out by "taco Tuesday?" and silly memes!
RIP team email! 👻 With Carrot, email is finally obsolete for team updates and the rest.
Before Carrot, I never knew if anyone saw my updates! Now I know who's engaged and aligned. 🙏
Keep everyone aligned around what matters most.