The new way to provide meaningful team communication.

Rise above the noise of chat and email to keep your growing and distributed teams aligned.
No credit card required  •  Works with Slack
Key announcements
Company & team updates
Strategic plans

Carrot keeps leaders and teams aligned

Create engaging updates
Room for more than a quick chat
Capture video to add a human touch
Attachments from Google, Dropbox, & others
Get up to speed quickly
“Must see” updates rise to the top
Follow people and topics you can’t miss
Organized and easy to browse
Spark better discussions
Encourage more comments and questions
Keep interactions together for greater context
Sync to Slack to discuss anywhere
Know who’s up to date
Eliminate communication gaps
Send reminders with a single click
Ensures alignment on important items
Stay informed on the go.
Fully responsive mobile web app.
No app install required.
Slack keeps your team connected in the moment.
Carrot keeps it aligned over time.
Keep everyone aligned around what matters most.