Above the noise

Give your team a clear view of what’s most important
Chat apps simplify real-time work, but constant chatter makes it easy to miss key information.
Carrot provides a lasting view of what’s important to keep everyone on the same page.
Why Carrot?
Growing teams need a place to rise above the noise of real-time conversations to see what’s really happening across the company.
A bird’s eye view of essential information is easy to read and creates real transparency.
If you’re adding a quick team update, or writing an overview for the next all-hands, getting started is simple and fast.
Feedback loops
Getting on the same page is easier when everyone can react and add comments - great for distributed teams. It’s more fun, too! 💥✌
Works with Slack
Posts are automatically shared to the right channels. Discussions about posts happen in Slack and Carrot - everything is kept in sync.
Sensitive information can be invite-only.
... or Public
Ideal for crowdfunded ventures, social enterprises, and startups interested in full transparency.
Beyond the team
Create awesome stakeholder updates in less time
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