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Carrot makes leadership communication work for fast-growing and distributed teams.



Free for small teams up to 10 users.
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Frequently asked questions.

Can I use Carrot for free?
Absolutely! Carrot is free for teams of up to 10 people. The Free plan has a storage limit, but includes all of the features of the Standard plan. It’s fast to sign up, and no credit card is required.
How is the Standard plan different from the Free plan?
The Standard plan includes unlimited storage and history. Choose the size of your team, and whether you’d like to pay monthly or annually. Annual plans paid in advance provide a 20% discount.
Do I need a credit card to sign up?
No! You can use Carrot right away without a credit card.
What happens if we go over our storage limit in the Free plan?
You can still read, write, edit, and organize existing content, but you won't be able to add new attachments and videos.
How is the payment being processed?
We use Stripe to process your payment. It's the same payment provider used in products such as Slack, Pinterest, and Lyft. We do not handle your credit card information directly.
Are discounts available for nonprofits?
Yes! We offer eligible nonprofit organizations a 50% discount. Contact us to see if your organization is eligible.
Still have more questions?
Don’t take our word for it.
We’re helping teams like yours.
“Carrot fixed our issue of email overload. We use it for important company communications, shout- outs, and announcements so they won’t get buried in everyone’s inbox. It’s been a big win for us.”
“Carrot helps me share things the entire team needs to know - instead of burying it somewhere it won’t get noticed.”
“Carrot keeps our distributed team informed about what matters most.”
“Staying aligned across two offices is hard. Slack feels too ‘light’ and crazy for important information; and no one wants to read weekly emails. With Carrot, we have a knowledge base of what's going on with the company that’s made it easy to stay aligned.”
“On Carrot, my updates get noticed and get the team talking. I love that.”
“Carrot is where we communicate important information when we need everyone to see it - regardless of their time zone.”
“Carrot reminds us when it’s time to share a weekly update - so it’s easier for everyone to stay in sync.”
“We use Carrot when we need to make sure everyone is on the same page across all our offices here and abroad. It helps us share BIG wins, and in a fast-growing startup keeping that family vibe, its awesome.”
“Carrot is a perfect compliment for Slack. We use it for longer-form weekly updates no one should miss.”
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